Kyrchil Lane Progress Photographs

The replacement dwelling has been conceived as a light, bright and efficient dwelling; ‘the modern bungalow’. The design has been developed to minimise circulation on the North side and placing living spaces to the South.

The materials palette chosen is of high quality and robust materials intended to harmonise with the landscape setting. The lichen green standing seam zinc roof provides a robust roof covering with matte patinated finish. When viewed from above the building will seem to camouflage in to the landscape. The external masonry leaf is of a buff grey, long format brick. This material is reminiscent of the local Purbeck stone and provides have a rough-hewn surface when tied with matching colour mortar. Treated hardwood cladding provide a a softer infill material for the garage door, front door and to some of the walling to the rear of the building.

The scheme required a very shallow high level clerestory glazing band to run under the roof to provide light from the north, visually articulate the horizontal roof plane but also provide a high level of privacy for the occupants. DMW worked closely with camel Glass to develop the 90 degree glass-to-glass junctions and other bespoke details. The glazing units were pushed to the very limits of height allowances to afford the clerestory detail.

Architects Dorset