Beach Cafe

New low energy visitor centre, café, landscape and inclusive public facilities

DMW are involved in this new project with the National Trust on the Jurrassic Coast. 
We were commissioned to develop proposals for a new low energy, lightweight and environmentally conscious modular building to sit on a former car park area. Due to ongoing coastal erosion NT have adopted a non-management approach to ongoing coastal erosion. The new café, using recycled materials, will be set back from the eroding cliff edge providing panoramic views across the Purbecks South Dorset coast line. In collaboration with a local structural engineer and building on our specialist experience for buildings of this type in sensitive environs, DMW have devised a unique modular galzanised steel frame system that is built like meccano, in-filled with super insulated timber framing. When the cliff edge recedes to within 10m of the building, we can dismantle and re-erect the building deeper in the site.